The perfect match between high-end materials and the handcrafted experience of professionals.

With the Shype Wallet ™ you’ll carry your credit cards, ID, cash, and more in a very modern, luxurious, and safe way.


The Shype Wallet ™ has a magnet system inside that allows to select your essentials easily. Just slide with your finger to open it, select whatever you need and it will close automatically when you lift it.

The Shype Wallet ™ is perfect for carrying the essential day-to-day items in a slim and comfortable way. Our wallets are made of polycarbonate and anodized materials to avoid deformation while it's in your pocket.

Over 3.2 million credit card related fraud cases have been reported in the USA. Be safe with The Shype Wallet™ and its RFID Blocking Technology to avoid identity and information theft. Verified by VISA & Mastercard.

Resistant to water, shock-proof and scratch-proof. Hold your items in the most reliable wallet in the market.

modernism at its highest point.

carry whatever you need.


Johnny Gomez from Miami, Florida.


Brilliant wallet, looks and feels great. If you’re looking for a minimalist wallet look no further. It has a luxury design, and also very very durable! I'll buy another one for my cousin. If you're looking for a truly game-changer wallet, this is the best choice!

Mark Remington from Boston, Massachusetts.


I wanted a Wallet so bad but I was afraid to spend hundreds of dollars to find a good one. I found this one for an affordable price and it really worth every dollar. Also they offered me a life-time guarantee! So grateful and happy with my order.

Craig Richardson from Atlanta, Georgia.


Before I ordered this wallet, it was the first time I saw this website. The customer team replied to all my questions and they kept updating me about my package. It's an excellent wallet and definitely not the average one. Thanks for all Shype Co! Recommended for everyone!

Bernard Copper from Calabasas, California.


I purchased two other minimalist wallets and they were garbage. The glue was releasing when I received those and sent them back. When I received the Shype Wallet I should have ordered it first for the amazing quality and features it has. I totally love it! 


Where do you ship from?

We send our products from our headquarters located in Miami, Florida via USPS.

How many cards does it hold?

You can easily carry up to 6 cards within The Shype Wallet™

Can I keep my keys or any small object inside the wallet?

Yes! It’s one of the best features of the wallet. It has a front pocket to save coins, keys, or any other small item you need.

Is this wallet RFID Blocking?

Yes! The wallet will protect your cards from fraud and information theft.

What are the dimensions of this wallet?

The dimensions are:

2.5 in (W) x 4 in (H) x 1 in (T).

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